Welcome all competitors!

We are really pleased to be once again hosting KJAM at Kendal Snowsports Club. We currently have 70 competitors signed up for what should be a really fun day.
If you are receiving this email it is because you signed up using our on-line registration form. If you have decided not to take part in this event please let us know so that we can reallocate your place. Please note there is no on the door entry.


09:30 Registration/Bib collection at the club lodge.
(If U18 you and your parent must sign in to ensure understanding of associated risks)

09.30-11 Warm up, all course features will be out, we will be taking feedback and will make course adjustments within reason.

11 Competition Briefing (no course features will be changed from this point onwards)

11.30-1pm Jam starts Skiers ride kicker line, Snowboarders the rail line

1-1:45 Lunch (Lifts stopped)

2-3:30pm Jam re starts  Skiers ride the rail line ,  Snowboarders the kickers

4.30 Awards



The competition is running as a jam format. Riders will have as many runs as they can fit into the allotted time.
To make judging easier and to give competitors as much time as possible on the slope for the first hour of the Jam skiers will compete on the kickers and snowboarders on the jib features they will then swap over at the end of the hour.

This year we plan to run the whole event in the Jam format with no finals, we have done this to give more slope time to all competitors, so make the most of your time on the features to impress the judges. Please note don't burn out in the practice time, make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids and keep snacking.

Judges will score each competitor based on overall impression.

· Flow – How fluid is the competitor in their line choice, execution of manoeuvres, landing and movement through the course.

· Creativity – How well does the competitor make creative / artistic use of the course

· Technical difficulty – How hard are the moves and how well are they being performed.

· Style/execution – The most hard to describe, but the most important…holding grabs, staying on rails to end, control, equal rotational rhythm etc.

Judges decision is final and no amount of Kendal mint cake will change their minds!


The bibs allow the judges to work out whose who. So if you want to be seen and have points allocated for that amazing move you've spent ages working on, to make sure the judges can see your number you need to be wearing it :-). We will not be taking deposits for bibs however it is your responsibility to ensure that you hand it back to the lodge at the end of the event and make sure it has been signed back in by an official. There will be a £15 charge for any bib not handed in.

Age Categories

The Age categories are as follows please note that all pre registered competitors have been checked and adjusted to the appropriate categories if needed.

U12 2006 & Later

U16, 2002-2005

16+ 2001 & Earlier

There will be no swapping of age categories by competitors, however there is one exception. If an age category is under-subscribed and there is only one competitor in an age group, to make for a better competition age groups will be merged by the planning team.

Slope safety & Spectators
All spectators must stay behind the wooden barriers of the viewing areas and are not allowed on the slope itself. Competitors must be careful not to congregate at the bottom of the slope in between runs, if you need a break please stand behind the barriers. All competitors must wear a long sleeved top and gloves, please be aware that our rope tow is used to access the jib run and has a tendency to wear away gloves quickly, also the slope surface can be abrasive so don't bring out your best winter kit, old gloves and gear works best. 

All competitors must wear a helmet, we also advise the use of back protectors.

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding is inherently a dangerous activity that without adequate training can lead to serious injury. By registering for this competition all participants are accepting they understand the associated risk and have undertaken training to mitigate the risk of injury to themselves. Competitors must also accept that if a slope supervisor or competition official feels you are undertaking manoeuvres outside of your skill level they may ask you to stop those particular moves.

If you have a medical condition that you think may affect you whilst taking part please let us know. Also please keep any medication such as asthma inhalers slope side so that they are easily accessed if needed.

A copy of the slope rules and code of conduct here Kendal Snowports Club Rules

There will be a BBQ running for most of the day and our off-piste snack shack will be open in the lodge for you to buy drinks, cakes and other goodies. (Please try to bring some change)

The address for KSC is
Kendal Snowsports Club,
Canal Head North
Tel: 01539 732948

Google Map of KSC

We have a limited number of parking spaces so please try to share lifts and park sensibly in the marked bays. As well as the main club carpark we have an overflow car park situated just outside the club entrance.

A number of people have asked about staying overnight at the slope. The main slope carpark is locked up at night, however the overflow car park is fine to use for camper vans though it should be noted there are no toilet facilities. There is a lovely walk up to Kendal Castle which starts by following the steps that can be seen to the right of the slope entrance. For those of you wanting a bit of cross training the local skatepark can be found here Kendal Skatepark. Kendal is full of nice restaurants and pubs as well as a number of fast-food outlets if the thought of cooking doesn't appeal. (Santorinos do a great pizza and will deliver to the carpark)

After Party

For the second year running we have decided to put on an afterparty for all those who are keen! In true Cumbrian style it is being held at a barn just outside Kendal, this isn't one to be missed! We are suggesting a £5 donation per person entry to cover landowner costs and sound system hire.  its BYO on the alcohol front, there will be no food provided however you are welcome to bring your own BBQ (just take any rubbish away with you)!! Canvas camping is very limited, however there is plenty of room for campers/vans or whatever other contraption you want to sleep in! (If you sleep) so bring your dancing shoes and come and let your hair down after shredding the dry stuff!

Location:Holmescales Activty Centre,Old Hutton, Kendal LA8 0NB Directions

Time: 7.30pm until the music stops!


KSC is a member’s run club and this event is run purely by volunteers who give up their time for the love of snowsports. If you like what you see at the club please take time to consider joining as a member, the cost is minimal and all monies received from membership are ploughed straight back into slope upkeep and development. All competitors who are none members will receive a £5 discount off our annual membership price.

We would also like to give a big thank you to all of our sponsors, who have donated an amazing range of prizes.

Good luck and we will see you on Saturday.

Kendal Snowsports Club